Openroad Kustoms Services

We have served riders for the past 15 years, from routine service and maintenance to custom-built motorcycles.

  • Motorcycle V-Twin Engine Service
  • Clutch and Transmission Service and Tuning
  • Tires and Suspension Service
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Customization and Fabrication
  • Parts and Accessories

Our calendar fills up fast… don’t miss out on riding the open roads.

motorcycle service for customer build V-Twin bikes

Motorcycle V-Twin Engine Service

  • Comprehensive engine diagnostics and repair.
  • Engine rebuilds, minor tuneups, custom exhaust. We do it all!
  • Performance upgrades and tuning.
  • Synthetic oil: AMSOIL engine, primary and transmission.
  • Oil filter: K&N or Hiflofiltro.

Clutch and Transmission Service and Tuning

  • Some riders know how it feels… and others know how it sounds… we inspect them all.
  • Inspection of all fluid levels for routine service and maintenance checks.
  • Clutch and transmission service.
  • Clutch adjustment and inspection for optimal performance.
  • Motorcycle transmission service and repairs.
  • Transmission and primary oil change service with our preferred brand, AMSOIL Synthetic.

Tire and Suspension Service

  • Motorcycle tire balancing service for a smooth and stable ride.
  • Bearing greasing to extend the life of your wheel bearings.
  • Spoke replacement and maintenance.
  • Installation of tires for a safer ride.
  • Tire replacement.
  • Suspension Service, adjustment, and repairs.
  • Installation of aftermarket suspension components for enhanced performance.
  • Upgrade your suspension to air ride systems & lowering kits.

Exhaust Service

  • Motorcycle exhaust service, inspection and repairs.
  • Installation of aftermarket exhaust systems for improved sound and performance.
  • Call us for more custom exhaust services to meet your needs.

Motorcycle Brake Service

  • Rotors
  • Brake pads
  • Brake fluid
  • Master cylinder rebuild
  • Caliper rebuild
  • Brake line inspection

Customization and Fabrication

  • Custom motorcycle fabrication services tailored to your specifications.
  • Expert welding and metalwork for unique projects.
  • Professional refinishing services to restore your motorcycle's appearance.
  • Paint touch-ups, powder coating, and chrome refinishing.

Parts and Accessories

  • Wide selection of motorcycle parts from top manufacturers.
  • Quality parts are used for cost-effective motorcycle service, repairs and upgrades.
  • We have quality used parts.
  • Audio Systems. We service Techno Research: re-programming, repairing, servicing, and tuning radios.
  • AMSOIL V-Twin Oil Change Kits.